Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a not not unexpected double posting!

Holy banana bread batman! I'm going to Bonas Defeat tomorrow!

YOU: "Get out of town!" you exclaim, wide-eyed in disbelief. "The same Bonas Defeat where Bonas was defeated? That's just crazy talk man, you can't go there!"

ME: "Oh no? I'm afraid you have been imprecise in your declamation. Perhaps your utterrance should have been: 'You can go, but it is dangerous there and you might not come back all in one piece'."

YOU: "Indeed. Indeed you are right, as per the norm. Sal Fasano went to Bonas Defeat once. It was too much for him. It scared his facial hair into a permanent fu manchu. I hope that doesn't happen to you."

ME: "I kind of do hope that happens to me to be completely honest. I've wanted to try out the fu manchu look for a while now. And anything Sal Fasano does is ok by me so I'm rather looking forward to this trip."

But anyway, I went fishing yesterday on Moses Creek again. No bear this time. But I did catch a little wild rainbow trout. Rainbow trout are my least favorite trout.

People say, "Hey dude, why are all the trout you catch so small?" Mainly because I like to fish in relatively wild places and relatively wild places are hard to find these days. Mostly they are up in the mountains where it's hard to get to and that usually means the creeks are small and therefore the fishes are small. But I don't mind.

This is Moses Creek. Clicketh theth firsteth pictureth foreth aeth largereth versioneth.

Click on the rainbow trout to see it in all it's hideous splendor (by far the least attractive trout in my humble opinion despite the name).

Driving home, almost to Caney Fork:

Bonas Defeat pictures some time soon.


Anonymous said...

You're on fire. The double entry was a double delicious treat. Ohhhh, double D, damnnnnn...
Rob Norris
Signing off
as Shane Victorino
AKA: the fly'n Hawaiian
PS, did you know my brother is getting married this week?

Anonymous said...

Chill with the tripple negative.
I did not find it unpleasent... Not!

Anonymous said...

Again with the beautiful pictures. I am seriously going to frame them and fill my empty apt with MattDunn originals. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I love how Big Daddy signs on anonymously so that way he can himself compliments. That takes guts.
Glenn Rank
Fourth Grade Science Teacher
East Bradford Elementary School

Matthew D Dunn said...

I love canning myself compliments.