Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After much anticipation, Fishbeer.com is now live. Please enjoy.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

what creek? sugar creek.

Amy and I traveled to Shades State Park on Friday to see what is touted as one of the most beautiful natural places in Indiana. We took my boat and floated a short section of Sugar Creek above Shades State Park.

Shades is pretty. We didn't see too much of it, but it is definitely pretty. Turkey Run State Park, just a couple miles down Sugar Creek, is supposed to be similar. The bad thing about Shades is that the campground was full. People were there to party and party they did. All. Night. Long. Of course, pleasant weather, mid-June, Friday night might have something to do with it. Whatever. The take home message here is perhaps, unless you want to drink all night long with your neighbors, stay away from Shades on the weekends.

Sugar Creek was nice. It was a nice float. The boat performed well. I even caught a couple smallish smallmouth bass. But Clement's Canoes, the outfitter that ran a shuttle for us at a reasonable $25, was kind of booked up and while scheduled for an 11:00am shuttle, didn't get on the water until 1:00pm. Not sure what the take home message is here. Maybe just don't count on an on-time shuttle on a nice Saturday in June.

Also, try to avoid wicked hail storms when breaking down your boat.

By the way, the new blog is imminent.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been doing a lot of things lately.

It was Adam and Katie's wedding. This is Ben and Leigh who are themselves getting married in a few short weeks.

Click to enlarge.

I explored more of my favorite creek and caught many fine bass.

Dr. Saunders came through town and I dragged him out to go fishing.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

good for philadelphia

Philadelphia is going to kick the Boy Scouts out of a rent-free city building unless they change their policy of excluding gays or start paying rent. I am an eagle scout, and think being a Boy Scout was good for me. However, I remember having problems with the religious component of the Scouts and their intolerance for gays.

Welcome to the 21st century Boy Scouts.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

bass bonanza

Went fishing a couple days ago with a guy I met on the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance discussion forum. Pretty cool guy. Got me onto a nice fish. Here is a picture:

Then, yesterday, I went to my favorite little creek and explored upstream further than I ever have before. And it was worth every extra step. I found a long, deep, boulder strewn pool with many smallmouth bass cruising about. I saw one fish that had to be at least 20 inches. A true monster. I caught at least five or six smallies over 15" (I'm guessing on the size, you be the judge below) and a number of fish in the 10"-12" range as well. The new stretch of water is quite pretty and secluded. I very much enjoyed fishing there. But I do need to get a stripping guard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stripers not strippers: a photographic extravaganza

Adam is getting married to the beautiful Katie in two weeks. So, for his bachelor party, we rented a house and chartered a boat on Tilghman Island on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Harrison's Chesapeake House. And we fished for stripers. Striped bass. Rock fish. We caught a ton.

And everyone knows that a good, Irish-made, 10 pound Shepard's pie is the best fishing food and a fine good luck charm.

On Sunday R and I went back to Pell's house and fished the Potomac and B&O Canal north of DC for bass. I didn't have much luck fly fishing but Pell and R caught a couple nice smallies.

More video to follow.