Saturday, May 31, 2008

bass bonanza

Went fishing a couple days ago with a guy I met on the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance discussion forum. Pretty cool guy. Got me onto a nice fish. Here is a picture:

Then, yesterday, I went to my favorite little creek and explored upstream further than I ever have before. And it was worth every extra step. I found a long, deep, boulder strewn pool with many smallmouth bass cruising about. I saw one fish that had to be at least 20 inches. A true monster. I caught at least five or six smallies over 15" (I'm guessing on the size, you be the judge below) and a number of fish in the 10"-12" range as well. The new stretch of water is quite pretty and secluded. I very much enjoyed fishing there. But I do need to get a stripping guard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stripers not strippers: a photographic extravaganza

Adam is getting married to the beautiful Katie in two weeks. So, for his bachelor party, we rented a house and chartered a boat on Tilghman Island on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Harrison's Chesapeake House. And we fished for stripers. Striped bass. Rock fish. We caught a ton.

And everyone knows that a good, Irish-made, 10 pound Shepard's pie is the best fishing food and a fine good luck charm.

On Sunday R and I went back to Pell's house and fished the Potomac and B&O Canal north of DC for bass. I didn't have much luck fly fishing but Pell and R caught a couple nice smallies.

More video to follow.