Tuesday, September 18, 2007

rainbow hawk

Well, the new blog is coming along nicely. I've had to change the concept around some, but it will still probably blow your mind. Plans are under way for a rather extravagant MIP2K7. The steelhead and salmon are running into Indiana from Lake Michigan and my new 8wt arrived yesterday, so I'm headin' up to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Thursday night. I'll also post something about the rest of my time in England one of these days, new and improved with 200% more beer!

But now, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the toughest, the coolest, the rainbowest, the most well mannered raptor this side of Sesame Street: RAINBOW HAWK! (applause, applause) Click for full size.

Rainbow hawk was born in Columbia Missouri on the 16th of September, the year of our lord 2007. Rainbow hawk's father is Matthew D Dunn of Bloomington IN. Rainbow hawk's mother was copious amounts of beer and drugs and some crayons and a large beef roast. Also present at Rainbow hawk's birth were Robert "Bobby no no" Norris, MB Pell, D$, and Chris "Rasputin" Saunders.

Click evil Chris for bigger.

The birth of Rainbow hawk.

Rainbow hawk also had a retarded little brother called One eye fish. D$ drew a picture of me and Bob and Mike. I'm the short little red one. Bob is the tall green one. Kind of fucked up if you ask me. D$ was taking jabs at me all weekend. Insult after insult hurled from the catapult of her mind. I'll get even with that bitch. I'll send Rainbow hawk on a vengeance mission. He'll come streaking out of the clear blue sky, shrieking his shrill shriek and pluck out one of D$'s eyes. Sure, Rainbow hawk isn't much given to violence as he is a rainbow. But he's also a hawk so, you know, he has to kill little animals to survive.

Click for bigger.


Yaniv said...

what's the deal with the new blog??

Yaniv said...

I started my own.. The michigan letter + picks and intro

D Hanks said...

Nice beard dude! I'm headed up to Western this weekend to see the football matchup b/t the Catamounts and the Blue Hose. Hoping to see Sean.


Matthew D Dunn said...

Daniel: I hate to ask, but what school's mascot is a Blue Hose? That's just a bummer. Went after steelhead today on a Lake Michigan trib and caught one! Only 450 miles of driving! I have a problem.

Pell said...

Rainnnnnnbowwwwww Hawk!