Monday, October 29, 2007

beer and philosophy

Well, all good things must come to an end and this blog is one of them. It saddens me to think how this is one of the very last posts on this blog (not THE last, but we're getting close, so don't stop checking in quite yet).

Fuck it.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Like a phoenix rising from the smoldering ashes, will soar triumphantly over the interwebs for many more years to come. I bought the domain. I even posted something over there. Check it out. Maybe a month from now? Six weeks at the most? Prepare yourself people. Prepare yourself.

In the meantime, life must go on. And it went on in a big way for me today. I rarely check my mailbox in the department here. Mostly academic press catalogs, bulletins from various offices on campus, ethical guidelines for instructors of scantly clad undergrads. You know, the typical stuff. But today, today there was something special waiting for me when I arrived. Beer and Philosophy went to press, into the mail, and arrived in my box sometime in the last week. I wouldn't have checked my mail today either if it hadn't been for post on A Good Beer Blog about Beer and Philosophy's release.

Remember when I said I wrote a chapter for this fine book? It's pretty cool to see my name in print with the likes of Garrett Oliver, Sam Calagione, Peter Machamer, and the late Michael Jackson. Yeah, I wish I had more time to write the chapter, it was a bit of a rush job, but I guess it turned out OK. If you're interested in beer or philosophy you should probably pick it up. It's cheap. Only $13 on Amazon. I haven't read anything except Michael Jackson's foreword, but some of the chapters look very promising. Neil Manson's chapter on The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Beer look great (it's a dialog) as does Dale Jacquette's on authenticity and the aesthetics of the brewer's art. These two just caught my eye. I'm sure the other's are great too.

Click both for bigger.


Brian said...

i don't think i can wait 6 weeks for the next post.

D Hanks said...

If I purchase YOUR book will you sign in for me on a Spring break trip?

Matthew D Dunn said...

Brian: there will be a few more posts on this blog in the interim.

Daniel: I suppose I could sign my chapter. I think I'd sign it, "Why did you buy this book? You don't even drink beer."

Also, I'm a little worried about the drought down there. How are the trouts doing?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book. I drank beer once and enjoyed it. Do you have a suggestion as to which beer I should drink next? My first beer was a Yuengling Lager and it tasted good when it touched my lips.

D Hanks said...

I think the trout guys (and gals) will make it but their numbers might be a bit down. I think it will likely affect the number of young of the year that make it to be one year olds. The effects probably won't be felt until a couple of three years from now.

I don't study ants either but I got E.O. Wilson to sign a book for me. And I do drink root beer. Maybe your next chapter should be about root beer. That way you wouldn't feel silly about signing my book. Maybe I should write a book chapter about the philosophy of root beer. Is there any philosophy surrounding the root beer phenomenon?

Daddy said...

I wrote a book about beer and pussy.

It's called "Beer and Pussy."

I wrote it.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Pell: why are you always on about corrupt public officials?

Daddy: You wrote a blog once. It was called "Snailtrax". You wrote it. How about you write some more of it? You're lazy. And that hair fetish was "staggering."

Anonymous said...

Come on, that's hilarious... or really sad. And I don't think the judge was corrupt. She didn't steal anything, she just made a really strange decision. Theft of services!!!!
Jason Jennings

Matthew D Dunn said...

That's a good one dude. Jason Jennings. And I meant corrupt in the broader sense i.e. damaged or abnormal or needs-outed-by-an-

Daddy said...

Probably be in B-Town next Sunday (11th, I think) if you're interested in drinking heavily.

Rob said...

A new blog?? C'mon, man!! Now I have to add a new link in my address book. However I do look forward to checking out YOUR book. I always tell people that you're a good writer, yet you know how to party; now I can just show the non-believers YOUR book (I also want an autographed copy).

By the way: University of Oregon quarterback, Dennis Dixon, mentioned some support he receives in West Chester, PA. Apparently some secret organization really wants DD to make a serious run at the national championship game/Heisman trophy. I found that humorously interesting.

One Eye Fish - inferior:
Rainbow Hawk - superior

Chris said...

Nothing brings out the comments like mentioning the death of the blog. We'll all watch transfixed as we wait to see if the blog ends in a blaze of glory like Rainbow Hawk, or floats down the river like a fish who swallowed the hook into it's gut.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Bob: alas, I only wrote one chapter. And have no fear, you won't have to update your bookmarks as there will be a link to the new site featured prominently on this blog. And my dad told me that Dixon was sorry that Penn State couldn't handle Ohio State.

Chris: hopefully it will be more rainbow hawk-esque.

Brian said...

Boring. Time for a new post.

Anonymous said...

Were you reading these posts? Did you see what Jennings had to say? I mean jesus, that guy's talking about raping a prostitute and then only be charged with theft of services!!! He's clearly insane.

But Big Daddy, you have the right idea, send an investigative reporter in to blow a lid off these crazy fuckers.

And Bob you're right too. I heard Sound Wave is funneling money from the Decepticon's Cybertron Infrastucture Improvement Initiative to an offshore account managed by the Junkticons. But that damn guy has powerful friends and they cover up his corruption at every turn. Fortunately, Sound Wave has made some enemies who are willing to go on the record about his financial subterfuge. The Constructicons paint Sound Wave as a greedy technocrat, doing whatever he has to to pad his own nest.

Master Blaster
Who Runs Bartertown?