Friday, November 16, 2007

indianabeer all up in here

Went to Chicago's Barrel Aged Beer Fest two weeks ago tomorrow with Yaniv and Phil. Stayed with the beautiful Tracy Snowberger and generally had a very fun time. I wrote about it for and experimented with a new layout which my brother of Nimblelight fame helped me put together. Doesn't go very well with the rest of, but I think it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Click the picture to be whisked away to that magical place called beer.

Don't forget about the busting wipers below.


Anonymous said...

That is just a fantastic photo. I think taking pictures of food is difficult, but that is great. Welllll Dunnnnn.

Jim Nichols

Ben Julian said...


I have a pretty detailed question to ask you. You posted an article a while back on Indianabeer about visiting Bell's Brewery in KZOO, MI and there is an image in the article of a couple of large format magnums with Bells beer inside. Do you know if these were planned for public sale or just an interesting internal brewery project? Wish I would have know about the Heorot when I was in Muncie- literally yesterday. Bought a fancy pants camera from Jack's on Main if you know where that is. My grandma lives in Muncie, folks went to BSU, I was born in South Bend, but currently live outside of Detroit.