Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stripers not strippers: a photographic extravaganza

Adam is getting married to the beautiful Katie in two weeks. So, for his bachelor party, we rented a house and chartered a boat on Tilghman Island on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Harrison's Chesapeake House. And we fished for stripers. Striped bass. Rock fish. We caught a ton.

And everyone knows that a good, Irish-made, 10 pound Shepard's pie is the best fishing food and a fine good luck charm.

On Sunday R and I went back to Pell's house and fished the Potomac and B&O Canal north of DC for bass. I didn't have much luck fly fishing but Pell and R caught a couple nice smallies.

More video to follow.


Anonymous said...

Were you fishing or just acting like a bunch of idiots? This is why so many fisheries across the country are in trouble. A bunch of drunk idiots trashing the place.

Brian said...

I want to see some slapgut videos.

Oh, and for future reference, if you're even involved in bachelor party planning for me, I prefer strippers to stripers.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Pell: though your use of the term 'fisheries' through me off for a second, I can see directly through your rogue.

Brian: don't marry the Georgian.

Anonymous said...

I live for that one second.

Jarred Williams

Brian said...

do you think you could get some strippers who are also slapgut players?

D$ Pell said...

Wow, the video is interesting to say the least. I find it notable that it is clearly daytime and my husband is already so out of his gourd that he doesn't remember it. I like the descent off the deck.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the words slap gut never came up in conversation Saturday. I do wish I had brought several habanero peppers for spice purposes.

To the mooooon.

Adam Ziegler

Anonymous said...

your re a drunk