Saturday, May 31, 2008

bass bonanza

Went fishing a couple days ago with a guy I met on the Indiana Smallmouth Alliance discussion forum. Pretty cool guy. Got me onto a nice fish. Here is a picture:

Then, yesterday, I went to my favorite little creek and explored upstream further than I ever have before. And it was worth every extra step. I found a long, deep, boulder strewn pool with many smallmouth bass cruising about. I saw one fish that had to be at least 20 inches. A true monster. I caught at least five or six smallies over 15" (I'm guessing on the size, you be the judge below) and a number of fish in the 10"-12" range as well. The new stretch of water is quite pretty and secluded. I very much enjoyed fishing there. But I do need to get a stripping guard.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this, especially in such a *public* place, but usually, fish are just fish to me. Except the ones from this post struck me as being very pretty. (Now, if we could just do something about your post titles as of late... Perhaps the next post (or few) should not be titled with anything using the suffix -anza. What do you say?)