Friday, December 02, 2005

creepy creepy creepy

Over at Pharyngula I found a link to one of the creepiest videos I've ever seen. I suggest you watch it. It's not actually nasty creepy, but it's depressingly creepy: it's young people doing 'internships' in Washington DC at an office that faces the Supreme Court. What do they do in this office? They pray that the supreme court justices rule according to God's word. Here's what PZ Myers of Pharyngula writes:

"They dance. They chant. They pray. They scream. They bob back and forth, they jump up and down. They're like a mob of dervishes, hysterical, freakish, ineffectual, deluded.

They pay $1500 for 3 months of brain-damaging validation of insanity.

People ask why I despise religion. Try watching this video through my eyes, and maybe you'll understand. This religion is an excuse to strip young people of their minds and their dignity, indoctrinate them in brainless mob behavior, and rationalize craziness—so that they are willing to overlook the foolishness of their mentors. That video documents a disease.

Pedophile Catholic priests get a lot of outraged attention, but they violate the body; it's the destruction of thinking minds that is even worse, and that's the part of religion almost everyone glosses over. What a shame that in a country blind to the evils of religion, a corrupter like Lou Engle gets money tossed to him."

I pretty much agree with all of this...although I'm not sure it's worse than child molestation.

Anyway, I've been thinking about something for a while now and this might be the perfect opportunity to do it: an anti-prayer prayer. When someone prays for something, pray right back at them that their prayer fails. I just think that would be hilarious.

So here I envisage getting like 50 people together and standing below their office and praying up at them, throwing up a prayer reflector. Or better yet, holding up a giant piece of shiny material in front of their windows and scream up at them:

"Your prayer cannot penetrate this foil prayer blocker!! It was blessed by 17 monks of 13 religions and it impenetrable to the weak prayers of wayward youth! Only a grand wizard prayer master can penetrate it's blessed foily goodness! The justices, now removed from the influence of your prayer, will vote for abortion, for freedom, for everything that is right in this world!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!"

Or something to that effect at any rate. Who wants to join me?? We're going to DC!! Don't worry, we'll stop at the Brickskeller for refreshments. You can't go to DC and not stop at one of the best beer bars in the country...that's for sure.

Two other observations about this video: (1) they used google earth which is pretty fucking cool and (2) why are some many young religious wingnuts so attractive? It's a shame really, all those good looks being wasted.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea concerning the prayer blocker. The anti-prayers would drag us down to their level, at least to the casual outside observer, but a prayer blocker is so ridiculous that no one could help, but get the point. What should the blocker be made of? When does it go up? After I quit the WDT this summer I would be more than happy to spend a day in DC errecting this monstrosity, until of course the police kicked us out. It would be hilarious. Seriously, we're doing this and if you back out, I'll spam your blog.

Ryan (Beer) said...

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!?! That is freakishly disturbing! Those are some brainwashed kids.

I think a good supliment to the anit-praying would be to throw Jay from the movie Clerks in that room for a week to give them a healthy dose on how to be teenagers.

"Smoking weed, smoking wit, doin' drugs, drinkin' beer
Drinkin' beers beers beers
Rollin' phaties, smoking blunts
Who smokes the blunts? I smoke the blunts
Rollin' blunts and smoking blunts ... "

Yeah, that should do it.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Pell: you take care of the prayers

Ryan: you take care of the blunts

That sounds strange to write knowing you two, but so be it.

Doug said...

They'll probably just get a prayer amplifier and then you'll have to get a bigger prayer blocker and on and on...

Matthew D Dunn said...

That's fine with the amplifier. I'll enter into a prayer arms race with them. I've got lots of foil.

Anonymous said...

Yes, an arms race. Much like the soviets, the god fearing men and women of this country will be forced into poverty and then horse whipped with a competing ideology! Long live the King!

Captain Red

SlickNEO said...

when was the last time you were a drunken fool rallying on your favorite ball team, or anything for that matter? at least these kids have something they believe in...stopping the murder of innocent children...i dare say you take a stand for anything close to that "cause"...