Friday, December 23, 2005

stupid ftp

Well, for some reason I can't upload any images to my server, so until I can troubleshoot that after xmas I'm not going to post anything here.


Anonymous said...

Come on Big Daddy! Post something. As my mentor Dr. Pugnacious Widebottom once said, "shit or get off the pot." I misunderstood him and got on the pot.
Glenn Rank
Science Teacher
Fourth Grade
East Bradford Elementary School

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Charlie Papazian? A friend of mine, who is just getting into home brewing, has his third addition Joy of Home Brewing. Where would you recomend going for supplies?

Glenn Rank
Science teacher at East Bradford Elementary School

Mac said...

Why don't you post some MIP 2K5 pictures? I'm dying over here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mac, post some pictures and the show us your cooch.

Johny Menderheim, 14 and loving life.

Anonymous said...

Los Papas Grandes, you leave us for too long. Aie! Come back to me Big Man Hungry.
Violetta Spanieta

Anonymous said...

Hey Dunn,

I've got some plots and schemes to share with you. Try to get R to come to Bloomington when I'm going to be there because what I'm thinking of is definitely a three man operation, counting the driver. I've said too much.