Thursday, March 23, 2006

how Powerpoint saved my academic career and in general, humans are fairly stupid animals

This for my 200th post? Kind of lame, but I had to say something. Look for part II of the spring break epic later today or tomorrow.

I had to say something about this. How fucking ridiculous. People line up to see some cracks in drywall they claim resembles Jesus? In a church that was flooded by Katrina? It's like a criminal leaving his mark: I flooded this church, I, Jesus Christ, son of God (and God himself at the same time) and here is my likeness for all to behold and look upon.

It's also hilarious that the "church" is actually in a strip mall.

Secondly, since Indiana University has installed a bunch of technology in the classroom I teach in, I've begun teaching with Powerpoint and I think it is going to save my academic career. Preparing lectures in Powerpoint is just really much more tolerable than simply writing them. Pictures and what not. Animation. I might even include some video one of these days.


Void of Content said...
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Void of Content said...

Dude, I don't know about power points. In fact, I may see them as the bane of the college experience. I really think that a large part of engaging the students is writing on the board. (So that you can get excited and animated. It's hard to get excited when your reading a powerpoint.) You just have to become one with the material so that you don't have to prepare anything, and then lectures become a free writing experien

Matthew D Dunn said...

oh haven't seen my powerpoint presentations. They are whiz bang.

Also, you mathy types may be able to scribble equations endlessly solving triumphantly for x, but this is a history class, and there's only so much writing on the board to be done, and my writing is very sloppy.

And I always have a lot of pictures I want to show. I'm not a very good drawer.

AND I don't read the powerpoint. It's just an outline with pictures etc. I fill in a lot, probably 97% of what I say is not on the powerpoint.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Hey, I'll give you a powerpoint lecture when you're visiting next week.

Void of Content said...

I must say, I really love the word 'dude'.

Matthew D Dunn said...

I must say, I really love your use/mention distinction.

Anonymous said...

I find my students also respond well to power point and it certainly allows me to eat that second package of Tasty Cakes during planning periods at my own pace rather than scarfing them down while trying to put together a lesson plan. I knew you'd do well Dunn.
Glenn Rank
4th Grade Science Teacher at East Bradford Elementary School