Thursday, March 30, 2006

screw the parts

Jason and Yaniv both got NSF fellowships. Three years. Money Money Money. That is awesome. It's competitive out there folks, and your's truly is struggling to stay afloat.

I hope I can pull it together
we come down the stretch
a lonesome, wholesome, fulsome young man
a less promising catch.

Bewitched? Betwixt? Between you and me
and miles to go before we can sleep
and miles to go between us this means

Planning a May fishing trip to Pennsylvania with my brother and dad for a week!

Details at 6!

Here are some pictures from what might have been...part three of my fantabulous spring break--YOU FIGURE OUT WHICH ONES CAN BE BLOWN UP

Go in peace my matisyahu.


Anonymous said...

Now I remember why I beat you up in fifth grade.

Mike Frakes

Anonymous said...

frakes, you didn't beat up Matt in fifth grade. As I recall, you were about to deliver a near-fatal elbow drop, when one of Matt's ski friends charged you from behind yelling "free the heel." He knocked you over, giving Dunn ample time to scurry into the under brush and away from your terrible on slaught. Oh, those were good times we had.
What I wouldn't give to relive one of those life and death struggles today.
James Berry

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, there's a couple of blasts from the pasts, I mean past. Dunn, loved your spring break pictures, reminded me of when I was up visiting pell a few years a go and we went hiking on this Island in the St. Lawrence. Dude, I have to admit, I'm pretty baked right now. It's like I'm on my way to get New Haven's cheese fries, but I've already forgotten how to get there. Last week I went there with Adam, Katie and Pell and they were closed. That sucked.
Say hi to Glenn Rank for me,
Bob, spelled backwards, boB.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to use my computer to leave messages on Dunn's blog, I want you to clean all of the presence out after you're Dunn with it.
Bob's positive influence,
Ben Verde

Anonymous said...

This is the most popular Henderson Hi alumni blog site I've ever seen. It's even more active than that site Amy Cosgrove set up.
Any of you guys into dudes?
Devon Durig