Monday, July 31, 2006

"Claude would even ask you to turn your face away when she squatted over the bidet. All wrong!"

Things have been very busy. I've accumulated a type of tired heretofore unfamiliar and uncharted yet obviously eventually obligatory territory:

I took my sorry over the water and toward the dorry.
I said "Quick man! Ferry me across!"
The swift river never quicker, taste of fear metallic flavor.

Dorryman a surly bloak, a bloody bad taste in my mouth.
Again I flee along the road, carry always a burdensome load.

And so it was that I came to watch The Libertine, a movie starring Johhny Depp that was good. It's a period piece which is well done, except they're always drinking wine not beer. In London. In 1675. This is very unlikely I must say. Anywho, a very good movie otherwise. Reminded me a lot of Henry Miller, at least Tropic of Cancer (hence the title of this post). Lots of sex. Lots of graphic sex. Not necessary nudity; just very graphic. But John sure does pull it off.

I'm living completely by the seat of my pants; there is no hope for the cuffs of my pants. is pretty slick. They are part of the online presence of Seed Magazine, a new and apparently popular science magazine. does the hosting, homogenizes, and clutters up with ads, many of the net's best science blogs. For instance, Pharyngula is there.

Anyway, I wonder how much money they make from all those bloggers and I wonder how much they pay. I'm pretty sure they pay for hosting and support etc., but I doubt they pay salaries? Well, just looking at their new front page I noticed how they're doing a better job making use of the blogs' content in a more traditional webpage format. They even have a "top 5 emailed articles section". Pretty slick. I'm not sure I think the authors are being taken advantage of. I'll have to think about that some more. But I am very curious about how much ad revenue comes from clicks on Pharyngula, a very popular blog.

FDIBS is now over. It wore me out something bad. But that's ok. I had a great time, learned a lot, met a lot of people, talked about a lot of stuff. Good. Tired. This is my favorite picture from the workshop, from Joe Cain's talk on the social cement of scientific disciplines.

Here are some pictures from the family reunion. I used to ride the shit out of that four wheeler. It was my grandfather's now it's my uncle's. My family is local. That is a picture of my other grandfather in Tibet in 1943 (they both owned all terrain vehicles). My Uncle Kurt both piloting the cart and the paper airplane. My dad, the coolers, uncle Joe. Chris and Jama and Elena. Jama and Elena.





And now for the rest of the non-enlargers:

And finally, my father stayed a couple days after the family reunion last week to hang out with his mom and do some work around her house, but also to go fishing with "Cousin Ricky", one of the local Fish and Game guys up in Elk County. He also happens to be the guy who manages the Wolf Run pond which I mentioned here. He also happens to be the guy who took several of the pond fish and put them into Wolf Run.

They are thriving. Cousin Ricky feeds them fish food a lot so they get really fat. Not necessarily my type of fishing, but that huge rainbow trout my dad pulled out of a very small stream on a #14 Adams is pretty nice. I also don't endore my father's method of handling that large fish, but whatever, they are stocked there. My dad with a large and rotund brook trout. And then, the monster 'bow (with patented Dunn-tongue).

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