Tuesday, October 17, 2006

big red

She worked at the coffee shop on the same block
of the biggest beer store in town.

I used to hate her, now I bait her
to look in my direction.

I yell out things like "Yo, bitch! Nice Ass!"
(which always works).

She looks over and I smile wide
and try to look fly but stumble on the sidewalk.

One time she flipped me off which I consider to be progress
because typically she just doesn't notice.

Which seems odd. She's got to wonder who the big hairy dude yelling obscenities from across the street might be.

I mean, come on. You'd think she'd call the cops or some shit yo.

She must be one of them weird, creepy specimens that I don't wan't to have anything to do with.

Peace out.



Is that a song? A poem? Whatever- it sure stinks. Lousy blog you have here.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Your username is worse than my blog.

Thanks for the feedback blaze.

very best,
Matt Dunn

Anonymous said...

Hello, maybe you've seen this already, 'Ales of The Times: A Journey to the Dark Side.'



Void of Content said...

(soon to be Dr.) Matthew Daniel Dunn: sliding inexorably towards snuff porn.

Leigh said...

You have some interesting poetry and word-play going on on your blog here... :)

Matthew D Dunn said...

Leigh, I'm not sure if I should make fun of your username or say thank you so I'll do both.

Hey, thanks Leigh, you rule.

Hey, Leigh, how exactly do those letters make the sound lee? Pretty fucking weird if you ask me.

C, yes I saw that. Pretty good piece. But Lew Bryson saying porter is about pouring beer down your throat? Weird.

League said...

Did you see that shot of Ben/Bella in my photos?

I looked it up and Leigh is Old English... good question. Kind of like why is "Siobhan" pronounced Shuh-vonne except that it's cool.... :)

Anonymous said...

I know this slutty chick who spells her name Dianna, yeah the second n is for style. Anyhow, she is super freaky and I think she gave me a case of the crotch rot one time, so I'm with Dunn, let's start spelling names the way they sound. If this doesn't stop muy pronto, I'm declaring war. I was a Navy SEAL until an incident...that's why my name appears on so many state Web sites
Jesus Dunn, you're starting to pick up some sinister vibrations on this site.
Glenn Rank
Fourth Grade Science Teacher

Anonymous said...

Hey MattDunn, I'm a "Leigh". Mom said that "Lee" was too boy-ish but that "Tracy Leigh" sounded pretty. You owe me a beer.