Monday, October 30, 2006

halloween 2006

When you're in your mid to late 20s, Halloween is pretty much the most important holiday. See Halloween 2005 here.

Friday at the House of Love (English grad students), Saturday at Grant and Ben and John's house. Please enjoy these digital images.


erika said...

why isn't there a picture of you scout?

Matthew D Dunn said...

I don't have one. Hopefully somebody does. I'll post it if they do.

Doing, done, did.

Pell said...

They sure did put some thought into those costumes. Vera cool. Did you hear about that student who dressed like a suicide bomber and got a picture of himself taken with the president of UPenn last weekend? Seems he posted it online and some people took offense -- shocker. I guess it's too soon.

Anonymous said...

The Duff Girl is HOT!