Tuesday, March 27, 2007

clear creek

I thought I'd make a run at fishing in southern Indiana. Try my luck at some smallmouth bass fishing. Zack, the fly fishing guy at JL Waters, told me Clear Creek has some good smallmouth fishing and I read a good DNR report that confirms this. So I went to check it out twice this week and I think I'll head back tomorrow. I got skunked the first day but yesterday I picked up two Long Eared Sunfish and a fat shiner. Hopefully I'll get some smallmouth tomorrow. I'm fishing the section near Ketchum Road a couple hundred yards upstream from Cedar Bluffs. It's a nice creek. Smells like the Brandywine. Reminds me of my youth.

Click for bigger.


C said...

Here's an article about beeradvocate in the NY Times.

D Hanks said...

Nice long ear. They're pretty little fish but they're no brookie. I actually took out my old fly rod this past week and caught a pretty nice large mouth bass on it with a little popper.

Any SM Bass?


Matthew D Dunn said...

They are certainly no Brook trout dude. That's cool you got a bass on a popper. Post a picture! I think it's still a little cool up here for the bass to be feeding on the surface much.

I did catch a tiny little smallmouth, 6", yesterday, and a very large rock bass, probably close to 2 pounds.

I'm going to post the rest of the pics from our trip soon. I caught a bunch of brookies after you left! A couple big ones.

When are you going to post your pics?

D Hanks said...

Dude. Some of my SB pics are up and available. I especially like the close up one of your little buddy.

Nice catch on the rock bass. I may have to go back to the pond where I caught that large mouth and do some more "sampling" soon.


Anonymous said...

I've done pretty at Clear Creek the past few weeks using big olive wooly buggers. Usually get a few rock bass and a couple of good smallmouth (14-17in.) Have you found any other smallmouth streams nearby?

Matthew D Dunn said...

I have yet to catch a smallmouth bigger than about 6" down there. Where are you catching the big ones? I've seen a couple nice ones in the deep pool just upstream from the old railroad bridge below Ketchum road, but no luck so far with buggers and clousers. What time do you catch them? I need help!

As far as other good streams, the fly fishing guy at JL Waters had another recommendation (besides Clear Creek) but I forget the details. He's a good guy to talk to.