Sunday, July 29, 2007

2007 brewers of indiana guild festival

I went to the Broad Ripple Brew fest last weekend. Now I'm in England for a conference. My talk went fairly well today. I also moved two weeks ago. There's lots of catching up to do. But for now, read my latest Indianabeer piece on the beer fest.


catherine said...

first of all, i want some of that strawberry lambic. my mouth is watering. second of all, at what point...if any...are you actually too drunk to be a good beer critic. or is your tolerance really that high? i've pretty much forgotten how to drink in large quantities since leaving may have to make a special trip to Maryland to help me recondition. and third of all, i did drink the homebrew you gave me...i saved it for a special occasion, which presented itself after the nightmare of the harry potter midnight party i put on at the library. it tasted like a complete slow cooked in a crock pot, in fact. thanks!

Matthew D Dunn said...

I make it all up Catherine. I just drink a ton and base my opinion on the general impression I have of the day. Sometimes not even that. Sometimes I just plum make the whole thing up.

I'm glad you liked the beer. Er, did you like it? Is slow cooked crock pot beer a good thing?