Friday, July 20, 2007

I love my pennsylvania

I have a great nostalgia for Pennsylvania, particularly the central and western parts of the state, and the NY Times has two, count 'em, two stories on that area of this great nation in today's travel section. On is about Williamsport and baseball, lame. The other, however, is about the inclines of Altoona, Johnston, and Pittsburgh.

Also, part one of LISTS FROM MY TRIP out west: things that broke.

-wires in the passenger side wheel well of my car (chris hit a truck tire)

-TFO 7'9" 3 weight fly rod (already fixed!)

-whisperlite stove fuel pump (a little plastic-y bit that holds the pump to the pump assembly)

-Katadyn water filter (I pumped too hard and the plastic seat where the out-tube is connected to the body shot into the grass, need to get that fixed before England)

-camera flash (dropped my camera in a creek in Colorado, let it dry for a couple hours and everything works now except the flash)

-wading staff/trekking pole (not sure how it broke but I beat the shit out of it so it's really no surprise that the bottom section doesn't extend any more)

Also, don't forget to see the last set of pictures from the trip.


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

I love the article. What a great picture of Pittsburgh! So when I was little my family used to bike to the horseshoe curve and then ride back down in the sulfur creek. there is a nice cemented dike and the water is shallow...i'm sure its not great for your bike but it certainly was good for the soul. good times that central PA!

Pell said...

Go PA.