Thursday, April 24, 2008

dem bass ate real good

Click to enlarge all.

I caught this rock bass just for MB Pell.

Then I caught this portly smallmouth just for me.

This fish took the rabbit fur fly I made earlier. I guess it's closest to a sculpin in the water, but I'm happy to just call it an attractor pattern.

That's a pretty nice fish for a river this small.

But that's what Indiana Catch and Release* regs will do for you I suppose.

*Some Indiana rivers do have regulations actually designed to improve the catch and release fishery, for example Sugar Creek has a 1 fish 20" or larger regulation and the Blue River has a slot regulation, something like keep no fish between 10" and 15". I just hope my favorite little river is never deemed unpolluted.


D Hanks said...

I guess there's a flip side to most everything.

That rock bass shore is purdy!

Matthew D Dunn said...

I agree about the rock Bass Daniel. Some people, on the other hand, think they are a trash fish.

Also, regarding a previous comment, I haven't got the new boat yet. Trust me, when it arrives there will be a complete photo expose here on the blag.

Anonymous said...

That rock bassa she es da trashy fishes. Yes? Yes. But she looka da lika she es da trophy of all da rock bassa.

Koy Nguen