Thursday, March 24, 2005

Burly-ton Vermont and NYC

My spring break was absolutely fabulous.

I went to Burlington VT to visit one Alecia Mitchell (read: Harrington) and Chris and Michelle Saunders made the journey as well. there was much guitar playing, eating, drinking and chatting. There was also a failed attempt at Trivial Pursuit. We gave up on the questions that came with the game and started to make up our own.

Here are some pictures:

This is not Vermont. This is a Brachiosaurus fossil in
Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

This is Alecia washing one of two chickens we ate for
dinner with mashed sweet potatoes and kale. It was good.

Here's Michelle with a snifter full of Lindeman's Peche.

Here is a picture I really like of Alecia and her roomate
and fellow Juniata College Alum Erin (?). It's actually
two pictures sewn together and hung inside a Lexus
license plate frame. The young lady below holding the VW
hubcap is responsible.

See above.

Sorry, but this one has to be big to get the full effect
in my humble opinion.

This is Alecia, Chris, and Michelle in an Alley.

A several beer lunch makes Chris very sleepy.

The nice view out the windshield in southern VT.

That's enough of Vermont. Here we are in Teterboro NJ.
This is my father with one of the airplanes he is
responsible for. This is a Gulfstream IV. Note the
Verizon colors.

My parents and I on the ferry to Midtown from Weehawken.
Note the tail of the Concorde next to the aircraft carrier
in my picture. Weird huh? They just have it hanging out
there on a barge next to the aircraft carrier and a

Went to the American Museum of Natural History with my parents.
Great place. That first pic is of a T-Rex skeleton (as if you
didn't know that already). The second is of the Museum's
ignorance. For some reason they still adhere to the 5 kingdom
approach. They seemed to have missed the revolution in molecular
taxonomy. I didn't think Ernst Mayr had this much influence!
Maybe they're just too lazy to take an old (apparently very old)
display down?

Here I am with Ryan Mills-Knapp and some very good beer at NYC's
best beer bar: Spuyten Duyvil. It's actually in Brooklyn. Ryan
is apparently quite drunk.

This is Ryan on the train heading back to his place in East Harlem.
He is such a hip dude. Note the leather jacket under the suit
jacket. The white Asics with the dark suit. Only if he had his
iPOD on.

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