Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Raw jalapenos

I knew I'd start my own sooner or later. I had one for a while. A very lowtech blog that I just did in Frontpage. I really enjoyed doing it eventhough I have no idea why. I know nobody reads the damn things. It's just something to do I suppose. A weird way to express yourself. But after getting the HPS blog going yesterday I realized I need one of my own.

I just ate a bit of cold chicken, burnt toast, and a raw jalapeno. Reminded me of this past summer. Nazario, Conejo and David would always eat raw jalapenos with their sandwiches. Kind of like pickles I suppose. They would share them with me sometimes. But I fucked it up once by cutting the jalapeno in half the wrong way. Instead of down the middle, I cut it widthwise and took the pointy end. Nazario didn't like that much because eating the fat end is harder because you have to eat around the seeds.

That seems like a long time ago. Chris is dead so I suppose it would.

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