Sunday, March 20, 2005

More taxi stories

So I went down to New Albany IN last night. This is metro Louisville area, just over the river. Incredible time. Went to Rich O's public house for their Annual Gravity Head festival. Really great beers. The Fantome Saison blew my socks off. Wow! Anyway, took a cab from our hotel back to my car this morning.

The driver was hilarious.

He had a serious southern accent, wild shoulder length gray hair, big bloodshot bugged out eyes, 4 days worth of gray beard growth and he wouldn't shut the fuck up. He just rambled on and on about this and that. He wanted to drive us back to Bloomington for 300$. He said he was gonna stick a bunch of Snickers bars (I guess he didn't have any sugar??) in my gas tank so we had to take a cab back, then he was like: "Aww man I'm just messin' with ya'll!! HAHAHAHA!! Shit, I ain't gonna fuck with yer car!" Then he kept telling us that he had to get back to his "old lady" to get her cigarettes before she woke up because if she didn't have a smoke right when she woke she "was gon-be real pissed awf, she-gon throw me out!" Then he got a message on his little cabbie computer and he read the message and he said "there is a warrant out for the arrest of the two men you just picked up at blah blah; redirect to nearest police station". Then he said: "aww man I'm just-a-messin' with ya'll!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Shit, one time I-a-had this here black fellow in the cab, we's good friends and all now, but I had this here guy in the cab and I pulled this joke on him and he started to open the door and was ready to jump out the damn cab!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I had to tell him I's just messin' with him! SHIT! HAHAHHAAH!"

But then Ryan paid the fare and gave him a 4$ tip.

Thus ended my stint of stiffing cabbies the tip. Oh well.

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