Sunday, April 02, 2006

I made a new movie and I call it...


click the stinks to watch it:


Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch the video because I do not have that capability at the office, but I did listen to it and it sounded very interesting.
Well played old boy.

Maya Winters

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that was awesome. I loved the part where it was like ying ding, ding, you know with guitar. It was so sweet my balls swelled to the point of filling my sack to the very limit. You're such a creative guy Matt Dunn. We should make a movie together sometime. I think it would be cool if it was like a hard chore gay porn. Butt Busters II or something of that nature. It would give the film direction.
Kevin Bean

Anonymous said...

Did they pay you to have sex with that dog? Sorry, I'm drunk.
Psyche, I'm only drunk on the love of our one and only savior, may he fill me with the milky white juice of God's love.
Matt Light

erika said...

honest, heart-rending, and richly symbolic. this is the best film I've seen in years! nice soundtrack too.