Wednesday, September 13, 2006

aux chats grise: the poetry of french class

Monsieur Simonet pretends to be a plant
as I storm around the living room pinching people.

To flatter mutually?
The question reigns here to descend along hot cat.

Voilà pourquoi on le garde dans ce cachot chaude chat.
Ce cachot-ci?
Oui, ce cachot-ci chaude chat.

Cachot chaude chat
Cachot chaude chat
a little buddy mine
a little gray cat

a little hot gray cat
clinging to the screen

Clinging to l’ècran du
Monsieur Simonet

Running in la rue du
ville du Cullowhee

Running out of life
Running out of heat
Running out of being
furry on my feet

Running out of being my
petite chaude chat grise.


Pell said...

Way to go Big Daddy. Although, I'd appreciate a little spacing between poetry meself.
Let's get some facts and figures.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Well then Michael, thank you for your feedback. The next five posts will be poems for you.

D Hanks said...

Can you incorportate burly into a poem?

Hope all is going well in the norther lands. Things are beginning to cool down a bit here in the south.

I think I'm going to take my backpacking class to Panther Town for their "final exam". I might even take a rod and see if I can catch any of those little brookies of the slow moving tanin stained waters.


Matthew D Dunn said...

Daniel Hanks you rule.

Sorry I didn't RSVP for your wedding. I'm a dick. I'm not able to make it. And yes. Yes I think I can incorporate burly into a poem.

Taking your kids to Panthertown might be the best idea I've ever heard. I have several recommendations for fishing spots if you're interested. And in Panthertown, the little brookies grow quite large. I saw a 15" fish try to eat a 6" fish I was in the process of catching. Seriously. It was amazing. I'll tell you where that pool is in a less public forum. Panthertown might be the best brook trout fishing in the south.

D Hanks said...

That settles it. WE'RE GOING TO PANTER TOWN! I'd certainly like to have your input on fun and exciting fishing spots, as-well-as any good group camping spots you might be aware of. If there's a 15" brookie in there we might have to have a electrofishing session.

One of my students (he's not been out of the city of Baltimore too much) asked if we'd see any panthers. I guess that's better than the student who wanted to know if we'd see any monkeys at Purchase Knob though.

Not to worry about the wedding. I had a pretty good feeling you wouldn't be able to make it (understably) but I wanted to send you an invite none-the-less.

Well, I must go as I just heard the sound of glass breaking on the floor of my freshman lab I'm currently neglecting.