Friday, September 15, 2006

poems for michael, three of five

Talked today
Walked today
Made a knife today
Built a fire today
Buried her today
wrote about it all today in Olmec.

Shipping wine down the Euphrates from Georgia: round skin boats loaded with casks delivered to Babylon

Supped barley beer from five liter bronze pots on the ground through lapis lazuli straws

City states at war
Charlemagne no more

Revolution Newton.

Larry car
Pusher machine
coke side deceit

gas and steel and more I make
a living being beats

Charge the ovens, lidmen move
quench car runs its course

A dirty job, PROGRESS!
it's what it takes to eat


Anonymous said...

you know what would go perfect with these crazy poems? some crazy dancin' band people!! Where is the video? I was so looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...
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Pell said...

You crazy bastard. You know you're lucky you're in Indianna right now, right? I'm contemplating a drive up there right now that would end with a good poking from a stick one and one half times the length of your leg fully extended.

Matthew D Dunn said...


I will post the movie sometime. Hopefully soon. I need some more random footage so I can make a larger movie though.


You spelled Indiana wrong.

with love
Matthew Daniel Dunn, Esq.

Anonymous said...

What happened to you eagles?

Matthew D Dunn said...

The Eagles suck. So does Penn State. The Phillies too. I want to know why people like sports so much. You know, in general.

You spelled 'your' wrong.

With love
Matt Dunn