Sunday, September 24, 2006

the hangover

my hangover undulates in periodic motion
slowly surging
nausea builds

dizzy shriveled brain unhappy
very gassy
garlic sausage melted cheese
four eh em
bad eye dee


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Anonymous said...

You should know by now the best cure for a hang over is the hair of the dog that bit ya.
In my fourth grade science class this year I demonstrated this law to my students. I gathered them around and brought in a dog to bite a few of the kids. They were all afraid of dogs for the rest of the week until I brought some of that dog's hair in and made them eat it. After that only 40 percent of them were still afraid of dogs! The rest were moved to a class with another teacher while the union considers a school board request to investigate the matter.
Glenn Rank
4th Grade Sciene Teacher