Sunday, October 30, 2005


For some reason, this year's halloween was really quite festive. I haven't participated in halloween this much since college.

Here are some pictures.

From Friday night at Jenny the B's party:

Adam (second from left) kept filling that jug up with vodka and juice. It didn't do anybody any favors. Except me. I look alright.

Kara, giant spider, Brian, Deborah, jug-o-booze.

Jeremy dressed as 'the ball breaker'; with friend.

Last night the party was at the House of Love, aka the english dept.

Yaniv's costume was a bit outlandish. Here's Maura touching his thong.

Me as the dude with Maura.

Keelan with best/creepiest costume ever.

Ashley feeling Keelan's David's package area.

Ben as the gay apocryphal gospel writer Steve.

We then made our way to the Vid when the keg kicked.

This is Merritt, maybe the best bar tender in Bloomington. He works at Encore and he told me about the keg of oak aged Arrogant Bastard they are getting soon. He rules. He also went all out for halloween.

Another contender for Bloomington's best bar tender, Andy. With mustache.


Ryan said...

LOL, That's prolly the best costuming I've seen yet all weekend! The top of the list are those pics are: Jareth the Goblin King, Hunter S. Thompson, and The Dude.

I would have to say that Keelan takes the prize home.

And uh, what was Yaniv suppose to be?

Matthew D Dunn said...

I love the Hunter S Thompson costume. Definately my favorite. As for Yaniv, I guess gay Jewish devil.

Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard on tap in about 8 days.