Friday, April 22, 2005


Well, Ryan doth unveiled his latest masterpiece and had us all over for some drinkin'. Why not start at 2pm on a Thursday?

Behold, the ultimate in beer serving glory (UBSC):

And here's a picture for all the geeks. Those are some premium regulators.

That's right folks. Ryan has outdone himself. Holds 8 kegs and at least one carboy. There are three nitro lines (I'm not a huge fan myself, but still cool) and he can run 4 different CO2 pressures. Really a beautiful thing. And look at how clean it all is? Excellent craftsmenship. Lance helped Ryan build it a couple weeks ago and Ryan finally put the finishing touches on it this week.

Here is Lance illustrating how one uses the UBSG:

Here's a list of the beers Ryan had on. All his own. This guy has been doing some serious brewing. And half way through the night he put on his Oatmeal Cookie Beer and Oatmeal stout. That cookie beer is ridiculous. It actually tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie. It's scary. The PIA (pain in the ass) pils was hands down my favorite of the evening. Pain in the ass because Ryan used undermodifed moravian pils malt and a triple decoction. All whole leaf Saaz. A beautiful, BIG pilsner. 6.3%. Really clean and crisp with a remarkably subtle malt complexity. Just a tad sweet and bready in the finish, but nothing overt. Lots of Saaz make this a seriously hoppy beer. Fairly bitter and wonderful pungent hop flavors and nose. Really enjoyable. And yes, that really is a ginger ale.

Here's a good picture of JRed...I don't know what his problem was, but he looks cool.

And here's a picture of the proud father with his new child.


House said...

LOL! Lance's demonstration is top shelf!

I weighed out the kegs and both the IPA and PIA Pilz were just about blown. To my surprise the Nitro Hop Jockey IPA had it edged out though. I guess my crazy recipe is a keeper.

Just for the record, it runs 5 different CO2 pressures.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, your new blog is beautiful. Nicely organized, I like the blue, and the pictures look great, especially the ones from the party Thursday! Did you take those after you had your meetings and went back?
I just about peed myself laughing at Lance's demonstration pictures, then went I flipped around abit to see your other pics. ummmmm, Mateo, what the hell. Taking pictures of the stink with a shirt on. Holy freakin hilarious, but how do you have time to dress up the stink and be in school?
Anyway, there're some comments for you.
Me gusta el blog. Me gusta mucho y lo voy a visitar mucho. Es que, en realidad, tus pensamientos me fascinan!

Anonymous said...

ok wait, i didn't know it was going to say anonymous. i'm jen damnit, I'M JEN!