Sunday, April 10, 2005

Yesterday was simply filled with beer. I was up at 7am to commence The Hop Jockey's Belgian Brew Day. It was awesome. Everybody was here by 8am and we were brewing. About 7 folks showed up and only three of us brewed. JRed brewed his first all grain beer, a Belgian Wit. Not-Mr-Beer-Dave brewed a big Belgian Ale of some sort. Not quite sure what style it's going to be. I brewed a Belgian Pale. I'm going to pitch some Brettanomyces in secondary and dry hop the shit out of it. Ryan-the-grand-poobah brought his new oxygenation system and it insured quick starts for all our beer and I'm sure it will result in fully attenuated beers. That rules. Mr.Beer brought a brick-o-hot dogs and I made some burgers. It was a beautiful day. Most of us had a handful of beers under our belts by noon. Nice.

Here is a shot of the group around 9am.

This is MikeD drinking his Budweiser Select from a Prima Pils glass...BLASPHEME!

Here's a shot of brewing proceeding apace...or something.

We woke up Brian...poor Brian. It was like 10:30am or something. He needed to get up anyway.

This is proud Ryan and his new oxygenation system.

With everything cleaned and the floor mopped, we finished up with a round of Ryan's terrific raspberry lambic at about 2:30pm.

Then I headed to the dry cleaner to pick up my nice pants, took a shower and then got in the car and pointed her towards Castleton and Loon Lake Lodge.

I was headed for World Class Beverages' BIG BEER DINNER.

It was pretty sweet...and completely paid for. Look for my story at in the next couple days. It's going to be big with lots of pictures. Nick Floyd and Adam Avery were out of their gourds. And Eric Warner is a great speaker. Good times. Incredible beers. That Brian Boru is out of this world tasty.

Here's a pic of the menu. Couple mistakes, like calling digestifs aperitifs...but whatever...can you blame them? It is Indiana...ha.

And here are the three wise men:

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