Thursday, June 30, 2005

heading out of town

Well, I'm heading back to PA until next Tuesday. It will be another whirlwind tour. My friend Chris finished his PhD in math this year at PSU and his folks are throwing a party before he heads off for his tenure track job in Missouri! Exciting. Anyway, that will be three days worth of lots of good PA beer, namely two kegs of Troegs (I don't know how to do an umlaut here). Then it's a family reunion until Monday. We're going to see the Phillies play the Braves on Saturday, that should be cool. And lots of family rivalry and generally good times to be had. Also, need to get together with all my West Chester PA friends and hit the bars at least one night. And MB Pell will be in town, so we'll be almost at full strength, except for R who has to head back to Pittsburgh on Saturday.

And I'll squeeze in some fly fishing on the Tulpehocken and Valley Creek. Looking forward to that very much.

Make sure to check out that last two posts below, they are longish and actually fairly substantive if I do say so myself...and I do.

I leave you with this great picture of Matt Kelly on the beach in Tahoe. It's fucking beautiful there.

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Justin said...

Hello. Found your site by searching for fly fishing. So many sites have little new info on fly fishing, and even though it's not quite what I was looking for, yours is great. I enjoy following the conversations and every now and then pick some interesting tidbits of knowledge that I can pass along to my friends. Thanks again