Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm feeling nostalgic

I need a band to play in goddammit. I'm feeling terribly nostalgic for my band in college, the Bluestone. Let's be honest, I'm feeling nostalgic for college in general. But since I just realized I could post media other than photos here, I'm going to post some songs off the Bluestone's first and only CD.

Song #1

Song #2

Here's the front and back of the CD. We thought we were so fucking cool. Turned out we really weren't. It also turns out that it's a good thing I got new sunglasses with bigger lenses.


b said...

do the bluestones play "vic rock"?

Matthew D Dunn said...

Nope. They were before vike-rock. They were more of the zan-rock era.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool songs, Matt. You're obviously the vocals *g*; are you on guitar at all?

Nicely done.


Matthew D Dunn said...

thanks Darja. Most of the lead guitar work is by one Matt Hamonko, but I have a solo in each song.

My voice was definately a little agressive back then. I think I've learned to tone it down a bit without sacrificing the sound. I don't know though, maybe not.

It was partly playing at your guy's house on Saturday that made me all nostalgic by the way.

Matt Hamonko said...

oh Matt Dunn, you sound so hot!!! oooo!! you know the funny things you find, when you're bored and you google your name, it's nice to hear that you didn't forget about us, hope you're doin alright, I live in chicago, so what do you think of the midwest

Disco Dave said...

Big Daddy D-
What's goin' on? Good to see you're still alive and fairly well. I am married, working for the MD Forest Service, and living in Middletown Maryland. All is boring here. I am in an endless search to find somebody to play with. I also now have a music room with numerous guitars, basses, and full recording capability. Don't ask me why.

Give me a call sometime, email my wife Christina at for my contact information. As always, I don't have my own email.


AxsDeny said...

Oh man. I have this album and it's on my iPod. I used to love seeing you guys play. I think "Distant Ships" is my favorite on the album.

bob said...

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