Tuesday, October 25, 2005

and the chaos ensued

Let me put it this way: driving 1800 miles and 30 hours in about a 95 hour span is something I plan to not do again for a while. It really takes it out of you.

But I did have a good time up there, the North Country that is. Namely Copenhagen NY, in Lewes County. Some portions of Lewes county easily hold the snowfall records east of the Mississippi, regularly more than 300 inches a year, and beat out lots of spots out west too. Anyway, it's about one hour north and 30 minutes east of Syracuse, just west of the Adirondacks...you can see them off in the distance. It's pretty there.

My friend Mike Pell has a compound, for lack of a better word. He has lots of guns and land for building structures etc. It's like a big adult playground. He's funny.

So I drove to Pittsburgh and picked up R (I was supposed to drive to pittsburgh and get in his new Audi S4 but he never bought it) and he drove my car from there. We arrived and immediately got really drunk. Less than 8 hours after R got there he was headed to the emergency room.

Around 6:30am he and his brother were wrestling and he fell and split his head open on the bricks that form the base of the wood burning stove.

He had to get two staples in his scalp.

I will soon post a short video he shot on the car ride from the hospital.

That's really the craziest thing that happened. But here are some other highlights in photo form:


Pell made about 10 gallons of Carrot Curry soup. It was good.

There was lots of chain sawing to be done what with the bonfire and the regular fire and the pig pit to fuel.

We constructed a pit in which to cook the 90lb pig.

CLICK THIS PICTURE TO READ THE SIGN. That Mike Pell's got some issues.

We had to incinerate 2 goose carcases before we could really get down to business.

Spreading the shit across the street. This is a good representation of pretty much every paper I write. The field is the paper and the tractor being me. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR A BIGGER ONE.

This is just about right.

More drunken chain sawing. We had to feed the fires.

A long day of running around the compound makes Mike and the Dog tired.

Ben Wah Hoag and Bella, possible the smallest dog ever.

Ben and Leigh in their matching Spence Cafe sweatshirts. Awwww. If you're ever in West Chester, go to Spence.

Constructing the bonfire.

Luckily, we had a sixtel of Victory Golden Monkey, a 1/2 barrel of Victory Lager and a 1/4 barrel of Victory Hop Devil.

After we crucified Adam. Just kidding.

Many shotguns were shot. Many pumpkins were shot.

Mike wearing the snood "carving" the pig.

It snowed Saturday night.

Unfortunately, instead of getting to sit around and watch football all day on Sunday, I drove back to Indiana. My friends are big Eagles fans. Note the old school Randall Cunningham jersey.

How Diana wants Mike and Diana to be seen.

How Mike wants Mike and Diana to be seen.

With all the practice, you'd think R would be better at chewing than he is.

That is all. Most pictures ever.

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Leigh said...

Hey Matt --
These are super pictures. I somehow missed the person (Kevin?) hanging from the log like a bat.

The Mike and Diana shots are... well. indescribable.

The only thing missing is a shot of Maceo sniffing Bella's personal (yet oh so public!) area. Maybe someday they'll have little Maciellas/Belleos... :)

Alright - take care -
keep new year's eve in mind!