Monday, October 24, 2005

things are good, things are bad, I got the mother fuckin' loot in a mail bag

Well, before I dive into my expose of the 2005 Harvest Party Extravaganza, I just have to post all the loot I got in the mail today.

Today was a good mail day.

From left to right: the new issue of 'Trout' (from Trout Unlimited) with a sweet article on three recently (1980s) rediscovered sub species of cutthroat trout; the bestest part of the mail haul, a beer trade from Colorado including none other than New Belgiums La Folie sour Belgian Ale. I crave the funk, let's be honest, and this beer is brewed by some of the best. The brewer at New Belgium is Rodenbach's old brewer do he knows what he's doing with the funk. I'm excited. Can't get that here in old Indiana, let alone east of the Mississippi. Then there is another beer that you can't get East of the mississippi either, I don't think, Lagunita's Belgian Brown. Hopefully that one's sour too. Then there's a couple other cool looking local Colorado brews. I've had the Avery before, but no worries, I'll drink it. Then there is the copy of 'Life Science in the 20th Century' that I've been needing. Good reference book for sure.

Here is a picture of my haul:

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