Monday, November 07, 2005

beer and Google Earth

Here's a link to a great podcast interview with PA beer writer Lew Bryson.

And here's a couple cool images I found tooling around Google Earth that I've been meaning to put up here.

Oxbow lakes on a major tributary to the Amazon. I like how you can make out marks left by the meanders of the river. Clearly an indication that they're designed. Ha.

Here's a cool shot of what looks to my rather untrained eye as the result of glaciation, but I really don't know. It's just a cool picture. From central Asia somewhere.


Anonymous said...

The fifth grade advanced science class at East Bradford Elemntary School in West Chester, Pa., would like to give Matt Dunn a big hello and a bigger thank you for his informative and thought provoking Web site. Every Friday before our free-thought period, the students can pick from a couple of blogs to read over to help stimulate conversation on contemporary scientific issues. While some of the kids find Mr. Dunn a tad pedantic, he still stirs up their little minds. On the down side, one of my students is using the term "gash" to describe the vagina, but the vocabulary they pick up is typically of a higher caliber. I've never even heard of the term gash before I started reading Mr. Dunn's blog.
Thanks again,
Glenn Rank and the gang at Room 202

D Hanks said...

I'm ticked off. I can't use google earth because I've been give one of those sorry fruits (with a bite taken out of the upper right quadrant) for a computer and google earth currently doesn't communicate with Macs. They say they're working on it though. I hope they hurry up b/c it looks really cool!