Saturday, November 12, 2005

beer review #2

From Family Brewery Bosteels in Buggenhout, Belgium: Pauwel Kwak (8%abv)

I like Bosteels' brews. I know they also make the Tripel Karmeliet, a really wonderful Tripel. Both Kwak and the Tripel are very widely available. I think Bosteels is a fairly large, modern, business. And that's fine. I'm glad their beers are still really tasty. Can you imagine what Miller or Anheuser-Busch could do if they put their minds to it? Maybe win a ton of medals in the GABF? Oh, they already did that. I can't wait to try some of that stuff. Like a Michelob Marzen. Tasty I'm sure.

Anyway, the Kwak is a nice deep orange color. A bit cloudy, but chill haze, not yeast, though this beer is bottle conditioned. The head is a really nice off white/tan color. Very dense, persistant, very nice lacing.

Very nice nose. Warm, malty, sweet scents. I get some honey for sure, maybe biscuits and honey. Very appealing. Just a touch of alcohol.

Really just a very clean tasting beer. Very little to no astringency in the finish. Rich, sweet warm malty flavors and more of that biscuits and honey stuff on the palate. A good dose of banana-y esters here too. Warming.

A fairly sweet beer with a medium to medium-high carbonation. Very easy to drink for an 8%abv beer, but I think it gets a little too sweet for more than a glass or two.

Thank god for big Belgian Breweries.

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