Tuesday, April 18, 2006

R Kelly's Hip Hopera

Not the plucky Irish kid, but his namesake, the actual R Kelly.

If you ever have the chance to watch "Trapped in the Closet", I highly suggest you watch it. It's pretty funny.

So is this:

(from Mike Pell)

Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus
1. You don't have to wait 2000+ years for a second beer.
2. You can prove you have a beer.
3. If you've devoted your life to beer, there are groups to help you stop.
4. When you have a beer, you don't knock on people's doors trying to give it away.

You ever notice how when you hang out with other graduate students who study more or less the same thing you do that all you end up talking about is academia? It's pretty great. Yaniv, Saul, Stephanie and myself spent several hours on Yaniv's porch saturday night drinking, smoking, and talking about intradepartmental politics, grants, sexual selection, worm breeding, python breeding, Israeli compounds and the Jewish gang. It was pretty sweet. I guess it's not all academia.

It was a tough life in Tahoe
A no go, a no show
A hideaway bed in a hideaway room in a hideaway house in the sierra nevada

Aluminum ladder across the divide
a mile wide
a mile wide
a mile wide in the narrowest place and our ladder was only 12 feet

But ahead we pressed and behind us we looked

took a crook

mallard duck! I exclaimed at the top of my lungs

bellow below between both battlements
before baron barge barage began
belittle burrowing barrow beyond
basically backward ball bat beat best

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Anonymous said...

You're such an academic Dunn.

Ashley Dyke