Saturday, April 08, 2006

the triumphant return of the saturday morning ramble

Mike's a cool guy. He studied with Stuart Glennan at Butler and we shot the shit about mechanism for a little while but mainly we had a hand-size contest with Catherine and Emily and Brian and clearly I won because I have huge feet but Mike won the foot size contest no problem because he wears a size 15 shoe AND claims that his big toe loooks like an astronaut. Yes, an astronaut. I thought that was one of the funniest things I had ever heard, ah the things that happen outside the Video Saloon at 1:30am. I need to do a lot of work today because I'm a huge slacker. I have absolutely zero time management skills and tend to procrastinate really badly so what ends up happening is that on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and about half of Thursday I do work non-stop for classes and teaching and reading groups etc. etc. and get pretty much 5 hours of sleep a night and then I do very little the rest of the week which is #1 really unhealthy physically and psychologically, believe you me, and #2 is really bad for my work because I rush things and I also tend to not work on my own research which is really important but I just don't understand how you're supposed to be doing research while you're taking hard classes, teaching a lecture and doing all that other crap a graduate student has to do. And I know the professor's favorite saying: graduate school is a cake walk compared to professorship. I've heard that from pretty much every professor I've ever complained to and I heard it on Thursday from Mike Wade. Shit.

I need to get my what not in order and down buckle books the hit, that's for riz-eal yo.

Natural Selection here I come.

Also, before I get my what not in order, down buckle books the hit, I have two pieces of exciting news:

Daniel Hank's account of our trip to Raven Fork was posted a while back.

And Michael John Kelly, aka the pluckiest kid I know, has finally purchased his "sports car", an Audi S4. Must be nice to make a ton of money. Watch a video about the S4 here.

This is his car. Looks regular eh? Well, it's not.

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Anonymous said...

Michael J. Kelly also works like a slave for that money.
The grass is always greener on the other side. Trite, but true.
Emily Athens