Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the bob loblaw law blog

I have made many grievous errors in the life of this blog, but one kind stands out particularly...ummm...brightly. Why hasn't somebody pointed this out to me before? That all my photographs I post are washed out. Too bright. Shit. Pure shit.

I purchased a new laptop on Saturday (and an IPOD). It's monitor is bright. Crystal clear. And when I look at my pictures on that computer, they appear to be washed out. I've had some suspicion that my desktop monitor is dark (it's 5 years old and was a discount, refurb to begin with), but the contrast between the two monitors is striking.

I apologize for any and all seared retinas and I will attempt to edit all new photographs using my new laptop.

The GIGANTIC FUCKING SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA begins tomorrow, 6:30am. Prepare for an onslaught of blogging so fierce and varied it will confuse you.


Daddy said...

Beer/wine thingy down at French Lick casino this Saturday.

Leo Kottke, amongst others.

You goin'?

Anonymous said...

I'll be there man. Wouldn't miss it.
Glenn Rank
Fourth Grade Science Teacher

Anonymous said...

You selfish son of a bitch! You told me you couldn't pay me back because your nephew was in the hospital and now you're going to an ffffing casino? No way man, no fffing way. If I don't see you and my money by Thursday, I'm gonna put a 1/4 inch drill bit through your god damned fffing knee.
I mean jesus dude, first I agree to finance your sex tourism escapade because you tell me your dying of bone cancer -- not true -- and then you refuse to pay back the $1,400 I loaned so you could get back at that carnie who ripped you off. This has been one hell of a month.
Fair warning Rank, I'm looking for you.
Lemonte Bodie

Matthew D Dunn said...

Daddy: I'm not going to make it to French Lick. For one thing, I'm going to be out of town, but for another, "the casino at French Lick" sounds like some place I want to avoid at all costs. I'm out of Indiana for pretty much the whole summer. Thank god.

Pell: your powers of remembering names from high school are slipping. At least your ability to spell them correctly (this is no surprise). But nice posts anyway.

AxsDeny said...

If you bought a Mac the pictures may appear differently. Windows and Macintosh operating systems use different gamma settings (1.8 vs. 2.1) so there will be a clear difference in brightness and contrast.

However, if you bought the same OS as your last machine, then your old monitor was just crap. ;)

Anonymous said...

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