Sunday, May 27, 2007

a goose in the woods is good

The Brothers Dunn production company is proud to present a Mushemeelin production:

a goose in the woods is good

Featuring the Little Juniata River, brown trout, sulphur emergers and a goose in the woods at Penn's Creek.

Click the image to watch the movie:

If you can't watch WMV format videos, go here to watch it, although the quality is not as good.

And I've added a "video" archive section under "labels" to the right. Watch all the cinematographical magic from posts past.


Anonymous said...

This is what blogging is all about, a magical evening at the movies.

Daddy said...

Sam Bush at the 'Bird, June 9th.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Daddy oh, Daddy. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I will be in Colorado at this time. Which is a bummer. I love the Bluebird and Sam Bush would be a good show. Not that Colorado won't be a good time. But you know.

Enjoy the show.

Matthew D. Dunn, Esq.

erika said...

No the quality is not so good the other way, especially compared to that picture of shining nature. Holy crap that is pretty! Is it Ferngully?

p.s. did the bat really bite you in the face? I don't know when to believe you matthew.

Matthew D Dunn said...

No Erika. "The bat" did not really bite me on the face. Buck Jones and me is friends.