Saturday, May 19, 2007

nymphing with dad

The extravaganza is rolling along smoothly despite some massive potholes on the home front. Been drinking at Victory two times now, went to Spence last night to see Colin's band Downhill Racer play, and The Bob and I are heading down to State Line Liquors near Newark Delaware in about an hour to buy $100 in fine fermented beverages. We might even swing through the Illadelph on the way back to hit up Monk's Cafe. Also made it to the Drafting Room last night and enjoyed a very fine Double IPA: Legacy's Hoptimus Prime. One of the best I've tried in a while. Intense, lingering bitterness with bountiful juicy hop character. Much better than Legacy's Hedonism I had at Boxer's Cafe last week, which was good, but much less flavorful with an intensely high perceived bitterness.

I head back out to Central PA tomorrow. Wish me luck.

So I went back to West Valley creek yesterday and caught this decent brownie on a Sulpher. Definitely looks like a stocked trout from the gills back. But look at the gills forward. From the gill forward it looks wild. I wonder why wild trout look like that and stockers look all silvery? Click for bigger.

Then, because I caught that Brook trout on a woolly bugger the other day, I threw a streamer in the hole a couple times. A Clouser Minnow. A bass fly. Know what happens when you fish a bass fly? You catch bass. Click for bigger.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you're the type of guy who believes size doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

When are you coming down Rehobath Beach? You said we were going to see eachother again.

Matthew D Dunn said...

You spelled "Rehoboth" wrong.

Anonymous said...

Great. Are you cumming though? I can cruise through your blog and find the a few mispelled proper nouns. There's one city that you referred to over and over again incorrectly.
Well, anyway, see you at the gay pride rally,

Matthew D Dunn said...

Yes Pell. But your spelling and grammatical errors are particularly funny because they're so pervasive.

Anonymous said...
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