Friday, December 14, 2007

a deluge of posts

Found a sometimes whimsical, usually weird, oftentimes clever website today called Magicmolly. If you don't like art (Yaniv) you probably won't like this website. Brian Leiter posted a link to it, to an "ad" for a food company whose foods are all named with Nietzsche puns. I wish there was an "about" section there. Very mysterious all around. A quick story that I like very much. Weird but good. This is good too.

Also, here is something I wrote while I was supposed to be thinking about Saul Kripke:

I want to be persecuted
for something so right
that I can, with a clear conscience,
tell everyone how stupid they are.

I want to say “Jesus lies!”
and make the pedophiles mad.

I want to say “Gay people love too!”
and make the unloved mad.

I want to say "Everyone knows reference is fixed by description!"
and make Kripke mad.

I want them to protest out front
in the street all night
and I’ll stand at the door, with a bullhorn in hand,
and tell them to fuck off.

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