Monday, December 31, 2007

winter extravaganza part 3: MIP2K7 in pictures

All the way live from the 215.

The constitution is not a living document.

Ian won MIP2K7. A kitten and a Roth IRA? Seriously? What a fucking travesty.


Yaniv said...

I thought you had this thing all locked up. What happened? Did they get my long list of rebuttals? There's always MIP2K8...

It seems like Ian is improving every year.

Ian said...

MDD was the players choice, as I was only trying to make it interesting by running, who knew a Roth IRA had such a powerful impact on people who don't have jobs in NYC?

The constitution can only be amended by violent revolt, which makes it a lot more interesting than the American Constitution.

Watch out in 2K8 I'm making moves and going for a threepeat. I'll have a kid just to screw you guys over!

Dylan said...

I think I look my best passed out in the arms of another man. But I guess the people feel otherwise.