Thursday, December 06, 2007

NYC on the fly

The latest issue of This is Fly "dropped" recently, as they say, and I was happy to discover there were no hack-job beer pieces (see the end of that post). But more importantly, I was happy to discover part 2 of "Coney Island Zombies." Check it out. Because it's all fancy pants Flash there's no way to link to the specific page so you'll just have to navigate on over to page 95. It's quite good. Here's an excerpt:

"I walk up beside the two anglers to inspect and admire the catch. The choppers flop about with mouths full of tin, their yellow, fierce eyes screaming in thick Howard Beach accents, 'I'll kill all youz!' True fighters. Boxers and brawlers, just the way I like 'em."

Also, while I'm in a linking mood, a story about how freakin' small the roads are in England has been making the rounds. I saw it in the NY Times and then on NPR. When I was there even the big country roads were pretty fucking harrowing.

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