Friday, March 21, 2008

behold the boat

I will purchase this boat from North Fork in the next few days. I will put it on my credit card. Then I will fish the ever lovin' bejesus out of the White River and Sugar Creek and probably some others as well. I will take 1000 mile float trips through the NW Territories. I'll sail the Yangtze. I'll tame the Tigris. Aggravate the Amazon. Sustain the Susquehanna. Devastate the Delaware. Maul the Madison. Blow up the Buffalo. You get the idea. Want to take a float trip with me?

Behold more pictures here.


Justin M. said...

Hell yes I want to float along in that! That is the coolest boat I have ever seen. I've got spring fever and the only cure is awesome boats.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an alliteration for the Ohio?

Matthew D Dunn said...

Justin: what! what! I'll call you as soon as I get it.

Anonymous: Obfuscate the Ohio. Obnubliate the Ohio. Or better yet, Objurgate the Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a great boat! I'm looking for one similar to that for my fishing trips.

And nice blog in general, btw. I think it's great that you are associated with the Evangelical Environmental Network.

I really think the Lord challenges us every day to keep his creation clean and beautiful. Praise be to Jesus!

Take care.

Matthew D Dunn said...

I saw Jesus' visage in fish shit once. It was real pretty for a couple seconds then it just looked like fish shit again.

Daddy said...

I'm currently objergating my shank.

I'm in for the boat trip if you think it will handle another fatty.

I've got some hip waders fashioned out of a shower curtain that are pretty sweet.

I've also got some Teva sandles that the salesman assured me would be quite proper for any number of boat trips.

Daddy said...


Southern Indiana public school education really barking here.

Please excuse me while I go supplement my butane huffing with some good old fashioned paste gargling.

Ryan (Beer) said...

Dude that is a sweet boat! Are you going to slap a trolling motor on that thing?

I see that it is spec'd out with a 1200lb weight limit; that's burley enough for you, me, a keg, and a Mekong catfish!


Matthew D Dunn said...

Ah yes, a boat post really brings the commenters out of the woodwork. I like it.

Daddy: shower curtains, sandals, public school lockeroom filled with cigarette smoke and naked gym teachers. Of course the boat will handle another fatty.

House: I have to admit that you entered the new boat planning. The other one I was looking at only has a capacity of 750lbs which would be pushing it with just me and you. No keg. No catfish.

Brian said...

Is this a Stafford subsidized boat?

Anonymous said...

Dear Subscriber,

Thanks for agreeing to link to the Evangelical Environmental Network Web site. We will one day look back on the leadership you and others like you have displayed in the Christian environmental movement as the saving grace of the Lord’s creation.

Everyday believers like yourself make it harder for Washington D.C. insiders and the so called “Captains of industry” to ignore the plight of God’s work. As Jesus once said, essentially, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a polluter to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Please join on this evening at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 6 p.m. Central, in a prayer aimed at changing the way Americans think about environmental preservation.

God and Jesus appreciates your support.

If you would like to participate in any of our up coming activities, please contact us at:

4485 Tench Road,Suite 850
Suwanee, GA 30024

Matthew D Dunn said...

Polluter into heaven? Too much Pell, too much.

D Hanks said...

Dude! This is fabulous!!! I want to go to the Green. See the Savanah. Fish the Futaleufu. Cruise the Colarado. Meander on the Merced. You get the picture. Just put my name on the list.

Sorry for the piss poor alliterations but I'm really tired this morning. I can't find the needle for my coffee drip.

Look for pics of Cliff's first backpacking trip on my blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Jesus' visage in fish feces? Although I get the feeling you're being insincere, I do believe that God reveals his Son in wondrous and myriad ways.

Anyway, I saw that you're selling you guitar and amp. Ever thought about donating it. The guitar player in my contemporary praise band could use a new axe and amp.

And because we are affiliated with the Evangelical Environment Network, you could probably get a tax write off. Please respond to my post if you're interested.

In His Love,