Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sell guitar, buy boat

I'm thinking of selling my electric guitar, amplifier, and pedals so that the impending boat purchase will not be entirely unsound financially speaking. I never play it any more. I've played it for maybe five hours total since I moved to Bloomington five years ago. I play my acoustic a lot, but not the electric. So I thought I'd make a video to show people how the guitar and amp sound (pretty good if you ask me, it's an Epiphone Sheraton from 1995 and a Crate Vintage Club 50 VC5310 amp, all tube, very nice). But I had such a good time making the video I'm having second thoughts about selling it.

But if someone wants to give me $1000 for everything it's a done deal.

Of course I was thinking of enlisting the Irishman's help and fabricating my own pontoon boat. That would be cheaper.


Daddy said...

Don't sell the axe, bro.
Push your plasma, and cum.

Daddy said...

Improper comma.
Unless of course jabbing a needle in your arm brings you to climax.

You wouldn't be the only.

Anonymous said...

Fffing hilarious.

Collin Hamilton

catherine said...

i don't have any opinion about your decision to sell your electric guitar for a boat, but i hope you were serious about not wearing those crocs in public. you know you have this image to uphold for me...just a friendly reminder...and crocs fit nowhere in that image, my friend.

Matthew D Dunn said...

damn Catherine, why you gotta hate?

Anonymous said...

You Big Daddy.

Dan Williams