Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well, today is the 8th anniversary of Brian's 21st birthday. Last night, we went out on the town and celebrated.

It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

Here is the birfday boy himself at the office lounge. That other person is JennyB.

Here is a similar shot that captures both Brian's boyish good looks and JennyB's statuesque profile and beautiful hair.

The good doctor CAM.

Keep it down Brian.

Here is Dr. Melinda Fagan and Cesare 'Galileo is my dad' Pastorino. Melinda was really a handful all evening.

This is me. Fight the power.

Geez JennyB, settle down. I didn't mean it like that.

Brantley is the fucking man. I mean, look at that jacket.

Awwwww. One of the two senior members of the Vibratory Motion Council (VMC) and the birfday boy.

The last shot of the evening. It makes me kind of sick thinking about it right now actually.

Possibly the greatest photograph ever taken. If you can't tell, Brian just bit me on the tit. It hurt. And apparently didn't taste very good either.

The two senior members of the VMC sealin' the deal.

This is the second greatest photograph ever taken.

Everybody relax. It's just vibratory motion.

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