Wednesday, May 18, 2005

it's really not that powerful

My last post, about a powerful tactic for battling creationists, even with it's kick-ass title and really long quote, is really not so good. I've thought more about this 'tactic', and I think it's flawed. Big time. But I don't have time to say why right now. Because get this:

Tomorrow, I'm off on a 4 day trip around visit breweries. Holy crap. Bells, Arcadia, Founders...I don't know which ones exactly, but I hope these three. That is some good freakin' beer for sure. Maybe we'll hit some Northern Indiana breweries too? 3Floyd's? I don't know. You see, I am going on this trip courtesy of World Class the capacity of beer writer. That is pretty cool.

THEN...the fun does not stop. I'll be back in town just in time for Arrogant Bastard Sunday at Encore Cafe. I wrote up a little piece for about Encore and it's 2$ arrogance. What a freakin' deal.

THEN...the real fun begins! On Monday I'm off to Pennsylvania to see my family and hopefully my friends...and go fly fishing for three days in Central PA. That freakin' rules. My brother, father and I will be fishing with a guide. That rules. We're probably going to catch some nice trout. I love trout. Not to eat, but to look at and fish for. I want to go native Brookie fishing, in the small mountain streams, just because it is so appealing aesthetically, eventhough it's very hard fishing what with the low hanging trees and all.

My life sucks.

So looks for pictures and stuff from these trips in about 10 days or so.

Until then, this is Matthew D Dunn, blogger extraordinaire signing out.

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