Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the duhks

I done sar an incredible music show at the Bluebird last night. The Duhks all the way from Winnipeg Canaidia. They rocked it out. They have attained a new level of synthesis that, at least to my ear, has moved beyond 'newgrass' etc. They have some reggae feel, of course the bluegrass sounds and tempos, gaelic reels and jigs, latin percussion, complete with whistle, and a wonderful lead singer and rip-your-head-open powerful harmonies.

Of course it is all pop music more or less, but by far the most complicated, textured and interesting pop music I've ever heard. Thank god for the Duhks. I bought one of their CDs. It also didn't hurt that the Bluebird had $3.50 DFH 60 minute drafts either.

Here is a picture of their concert poster that I ripped off the wall last night.

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