Monday, May 02, 2005

stupid fucks and their homophobia

When I read this article I got very angry. It made me want to physically hurt this man. I know this is unreasonable and tantamount, in some sense, to what he is doing, but still...I couldn't help it. I was surprised at how worked up I got. I mean, I got more worked up than when I read Billy Dembski's stuff...and that's hard to match! I bet this guy is also a creationist schmuck, but at least he is probably just a retard. You know, isn't malliciously manipulating the literature on evolution to his ends. He's probably too stupid to understand it and rather simply blindly asserts that gays are bad for the country and evolution didn't happen.

I got this here link from Brian Leiter's blog.


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Stacey said...

I'm stunned, honestly, that people can be so .... ridiculous. I know that when i read Stephen King, i want to go on a lust filled killing spree, but no one is taking those books off the shelves at my library (and i read IT when i was 12!!) i also know that by reading a book with gay protagonists or by a gay author, i start to look at women in a totally different light. Even though the book is all about men.