Thursday, May 12, 2005

hilarious creationists

I just can't stop 'blogging' tonight. This just made me laugh and laugh so I thought I should put it up here.

This is a comment that was posted on Bill Dembski's blog about his debate with Michael Ruse on Nightline a couple days back.

I guess it's a joke...?

"Good work pointing out that ID is a big tent that accomodates everyone except secular humanists. Also you made the opponent look like the one with the agenda for attacking your particular religious faith instead of your math. ID, like any hypothesis in science, stands or falls by its merits, not by the personalities of those who support it. Your opponent was all ad hominem and no substance whatsoever. Absolutely fantastic.

It also helped that the opponent was an unkempt slob with a funny accent while you looked like a clean cut American. The Church of Darwin is going to have to come up with some better representatives. Someone should tell them the hippy movement is over. And when are they going to learn they’ll never win by attacking Christians in a country that’s 80% Christian? It really makes me wonder how those guys ever got advanced degrees. Obviously common sense wasn’t a prerequisite. :-)

Way to go."


D Hanks said...

The "common sense" of this makes the most sense, so we'll go with it? I thought that's what scientists were good at! I think this guy is obviously confused. Maybe he should take a look at how silly the creationists appear when they try to refute something based on an enormous amount of eveidence.


D Hanks said...

The "something" being evolution. Sorry.